The Mission Statement of the Tax Resolution Blog?

We created the Tax Problem Resolution Blog to aid the average person to become more discerning buyers of tax resolution and tax representation services. Please read the index of articles below to learn more about the tax resolution industry and to assist you in solving your specific tax problem.

Jay Freeborne, Enrolled Agent at Washington Tax Services, open for business since 1989

New Companies, 2008 thru 2015: The Verdict is Out! --125 Companies Listed

New Tax Resolution Company List:  2008 TO 2016 

You've reached the list of new "tax resolution and tax relief companies." We update this list monthly with new companies. Go down the list - the company that you are searching for should be listed there. If you can't find the company, EMAIL us HERE.

Here are a couple of TAGS that we use to describe the practices of companies:

*LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED. Has a licensed tax professional - CPA, EA or Attorney prominently listed on website.
*TAX LIEN MAILER - Mails to people/businesses with tax liens.
*TAX LIEN CALLER - Calls people/businesses with tax liens.

DATE OF OPERATION:  we are listing companies by the DATE that they started their Better Business Bureau record as there is no way to fudge this date. 

When one of these companies goes out of business, we move them to the Dead Company list. When their BBB record goes to C minus to F rating, we move them to the Not Recommended List.

The last section is the "Curiousities" list. Companies on this list are "Lead Generators" or unusual websites related to tax representation or tax resolution issues.

Companies Started Between 1989 to 2006 that are still operating.  Our recommendation on them is neutral. Check out their BBB records. 

1. Fix Your Tax Problem, Inc., Novato, CA. February 1998. Heard their ad on Sirius radio. Their BBB record claims they have been in business since 1998:  BBB- Ameritax In 2012: their company name seems to have switched to Fix your Tax Problem, Inc. from "Ameritax." Their website:

2. Advanced Tax Solutions, Denver, OR 1996
Solid website: A + rating at the BBB: BBB record They did quote a $4000 fee to help a low income person with a $17,000 debt with IRS. WATAX's quote? $875 to do the same.

3. Tax Crisis Institute, Bakersfield, CA 2002 - Incorporation date. Kudos to these folks - over 10 years of business. Their website: Tax Crisis Institute--Website  Their BBB record

4. M and M Financial, Illinois, December 2005. TAX LIEN CALLER. This firm cold calls people with tax liens.  Their website: Decent BBB record:  BBB record  Phone # (773) 969- 5800. We have previously posted on whether cold calling tax liens is legal or not here:  The Legal Case Against Cold Calling Tax Liens.

5. Phoenix Financial Group. Denver, CO, October 6, 2006. TAX LIEN CALLER.
This is another firm in Colorado that cold calls people with tax liens. Two of their phone numbers are (866) 672-1067 or 1.888.572.2179. Their website is: You might want to read this:  The Legal Case Against Cold Calling Tax Lien or to learn about Colorado cold calling phenomenon -- check out this:  Cold Calling Tax Liens: A Mountain Time Phenomenon. Their BBB record.

6. BC Tax, Boulder, CO, Since 2004 TAX LIEN CALLER
BC Tax is formerly known as Berkshire and/or Barclay Capital. Their BBB record. Their website is here:

If you received a tax lien - BC Tax is one of the first companies you are going to hear from via PHONE. In fact -- in a world of more and more tax lien telemarketers - BC Tax is often the FIRST to call. We have written about some legal issues with cold calling tax liens:  The Legal Case Against Cold Calling Tax Liens

One of their sales pitches we heard was that they specialize in 941 cases due to the office that handles 941's being in Colorado. Unfortunately, this is not a true claim as IRS offices handling 941's are usually assigned locally to individual agents around the country. But it is quite possible that the company has abandoned these claims. Another website is here:

7. National Tax Relief, Inc.  Riverside, CA since 2006
National Tax Relief or was originally a company that started as an alternative name back in 1997. This website still exists and draws traffic to In the 2000's, a company in Tustin, California  took the name National Tax Relief and ran that company into the ground (See Dead List) . And then finally, NTR was chosen as a name by this listed company in Riverside, CA. Apparently they now have several years of operation. Their BBB listing is here:  BBB record

8. Tax Defense Partners formerly known as Tax Resolution Services (TRS), Encino, CA -- started Jan 1997. We think as far as experience and support staff this is a quality organization. These guys have been on the scene nearly as long as WATAX: 1997. However as our entry here shows: Tax Resolution Services - Comment and Five Different Interviews...Five Different Companies -- they are a company centered around strong salespeople. Nonetheless, their management, we believe, is dedicated to running a good shop. They have an enviable problem: how to provide good customer service to the high volume of clients that they are getting from their extensive advertising budget. UPDATE 2012: we recently offered our services to a client for $2550.00. TRS' fee for the same case? $12,000.00. Ouch. That's a big difference.  UPDATE: Feb. 27, 2012:  A salesperson a TRS insisted that uncollectible status wasn't adequate resolution of a person's case and offered to do more for them for a $5000 fee. Hmm. UPDATE: Oct. 31, 2012: Guy called with straightforward IRS representation case with balance due of $111,000 - might qualify for an Offer in Compromise - might not. We charged him $1750 to handle everything. TRS fee? $13,000 buckaroos. Wow. They recently retired their Tax Resolution Service's trade name and have become Tax Defense Partners. Their BBB record: BBB - Tax Defense Partners

9. Larson Financial, Westminster, Colorado, June 2005. TAX LIEN CALLER
Larson is one of several companies that sprouted in one form or another from ex-employees of Omni Financial - the original tax relief company in Colorado. Larson's marketing strategy is cold calling tax liens -- the predominant marketing strategy of Colorado tax relief companies. Larson has a very solid rating at the BBB - BBB rating.

Update: February 27, 2012: we spoke to a lady who paid Larson $10,000 to represent them on a 941 payroll tax issue. Yet the company wants even more money to do a penalty abatement on their debt. You would think that $10,000 would cover that? Update: December 2015: one of their reps quoted a $7900 to handle a pretty messy IRS/State of California case. We actually don't knock the fee as the case is a mess. However, we quoted $2750 because the folks just seem broke. Nonetheless, when the Larson rep heard they hired us - he had "sour grapes" saying "you hired that guy who trashes other companies on his blog. I wouldn't hire them." Their website: Larson Financial

10. Omni Financial or OFS Tax Resolution-- Broomfield, Colorado and Vero Beach, FL. , started March 1985. TAX LIEN CALLER. Omni clearly is one of the oldest companies in the "tax resolution" business. Over time - they have created two companies in Florida and Colorado. Historically, the Florida office handles the 1040 issues and the Colorado the business or 941 issues. Omni's marketing is strongly based on cold calling tax liens. Our understanding is OFS Tax Resolution is the name given by their Omni's telemarketers to potential clients. We have had some very good experiences with the licensed tax professionals at the Colorado office - and can attest to their knowledge and character.

You can see Omni's decent BBB records for the Florida and Colorado are here:  BBB - Omni, Colorado . and BBB - Omni Florida.  Omni's website is: ).

We have hemmed and hawed over how to rate Omni thru the years. On one hand -- their excellent BBB records and willingness to refund monies to upset clients reflects positively on them. On the other hand, their track of record of charging excessive continuation fees to clients as the tax cases progress - leaves a bad impression.  Reopening fees galore - OMNI. If you read on the internet about Omni -- you will see that the reopening fees are an intrinsic part of the company culture.

We are also not a big fan of cold calling tax liens - but we have grudgingly accepted this as a practice even though its legality is ambiguous. Well - whatever we think about Omni is not as important as what the Attorney General of Florida determined about the company in a recent statement published in April of 2013:

Attorney General of Florida Resolution --- the Florida office of Omni (including Prestige Tax, a dissolved corporation and Free Tax Consulting, Inc. and the owner, Matthew Mulligan.) signed off on a "Assurance of Voluntary Compliance."

As part of the agreement:

1. Omni must curb continuation fees:  Omni..."for all new customers, clearly and conspiculously disclose to the consumer, in writing and prior to acceptance of payment...(1.) the estimated total price for the based upon a stated scope of work or if an estimated total prices is not stated, the manner in which the consumer will be charged throughout the entire replationship between the consumer and (Omni).

2. Omni must discontinued ads claiming their success rate unless it can be verified.

3. No more billing practices - where clients are billed "per task."

4. Eliminate compensation system where employees receive "bonus" for collecting new funds from current clients.

 5. Eliminate advertising claiming to be the "oldest" or "largest" tax negotiation firm.

6. Refund fees to disgruntled clients.  Omni claims to have refunded $173,060.29 since the AG's investigation.

7. Pay the AG of Florida for $100,000 for legal fees.

So, Omni's practices finally met government scrutiny. That's a good thing.  And yet - the practices were not egregious enough to close Omni. Points to Omni for that.

Client experiences: April 4, 2012:  we exchanged emails with a person who was cold called by OFS.  The representative, Mr. Hancock, interviewed the taxpayer. This taxpayer was audited by the IRS.  He owed $10,000.00. He had already agreed to a payment plan with the IRS for $200 a month. It's very difficult to get penalties off after an audit, BUT that didn't stop the sales representative from offering Omni's services at $1250.00 to get the penalties off -- reducing the debt by about $4000.00. We don't have a huge bone to pick here, BUT we don't think they are going to win this case.

11. Clear Creek Tax Consulting, Inc., Louisville, CO., Greenville, SC (sales office only)  and Charlotte, NC (sales office only) March, 2005 -- TAX LIEN CALLER

Clear Creek has been in the tax resolution game for a long while - which is to be commended. We have discussed issues in the past about Clear Creek charging surprise "continuation fees" in the past, but after interacting with staff there in 2016 - management is working to make their fee structure clearer to their clients. Awesome guys! Their BBB record is here.

12. JG Tax Group, Deerfield Beach, FL, September, 2008.
JG Tax Group is staffed by ex-IRS agents and has a very effective internet marketing campaign.  We like the  fact that their tax professionals are clearly defined on their website:  "JG" Tax Group got their name from one of their licensed tax professionals: Jeff Galante. Apparently, Jeff doesn't work at JG anymore - but the name lives on. Their BBB record is OK to boot. UPDATE: September 2013: Offered tax representation service to a retiree who fell behind to the IRS to the tune of $140,000 and was being levied for it on his Social Security and pension. Client was strapped - WATAX would represent him for $1500.00 - client would do his own tax returns -- we'd feed him the info to do them. JG offered to do everything for $4950.00 - high - but they would do his tax returns for that fee.

Class of 2007

13. Tax Resolution Center, Boulder, CO, October 25, 2007.  TAX LIEN CALLER
Looks like a smaller organization in late 2016: Website is in-active:  Their BBB record says that their staffing is down to a smaller crew: BBB record. We have previously posted on whether cold calling tax liens is legal or not here:   The Legal Case Against Cold Calling Tax Liens

14. Priority Tax Relief, San Francisco, CA, May 3, 2007
We stumbled upon this website in 2012 - we had not heard of them. Here's their site: Claims to be "Attorney's but we couldn't see any names. We got to admit it bugs us when they list media companies like CNN on their site when odds are they never advertised on them(!). Solid BBB record is here: BBB record

In 2016, a new client of our's called Priority who had a sales tax issue with the State of Ohio - 30k was assessed because the client didn't file Sales Tax returns for their defunct business. Pretty easy fix: call the State - stop collections, file accurate Sales tax returns - eliminate the debt. There was a chance but a slim one that the State would pursue them personally. Priority was going to charge $3000 immediately to handle the case and then $3000 later.  Our fee? $1000.00 and no fear tactics.

Class of 2008

15. Yarborough - Professional IRS Debt Solutions -- BBB record start - June 2008
We just learned about Yarborough in 2014. According to their website: Yarborough website: they have offices all around the southern U.S. Visible licensed professionals with names is always a good sign. Their BBB record is solid too: BBB record. In early 2014, they did quote an individual $2500 to research his IRS account and represent him on a "potential" tax problem. My firm quoted a $250.00 retainer to research his IRS record as we weren't certain that the client had a big tax problem to worry about. Or least a problem that warranted a large up-front fee.

16. NFA Tax Help -- Houston, TX , March 2008.
The company still has a good rating at the BBB: BBB record. Their website is: We have seen many internet advertisements from these folks.
17. The Core Consulting Group, Longmont, CO Sept. 2008  TAX LIEN CALLER.
One of many Colorado companies that "cold calls" people who have tax liens against them. We spoke recently with a person who had a 941 issue who was called by them. Their website: CORE CONSULTING WEBSITE. Their BBB record:  Colorado BBB record. You might also want to check out our post on the Colorado cold calling industry here:  Cold Calling Tax Liens: A Mountain Time Phenomenon

18. Sound Tax Consulting, Bellevue, WA, September 9, 2008.
Sound Tax Consulting has great Google ads. They also happen to be a neighbor of ours in the Puget Sound. They were previously called:  IRS/State Tax Relief Associates. They have a solid website but no licensed professionals are listed: and their "Non-accredited" BBB record

19.  Front Range Tax Resolution, Colorado, 2008, E.A. in Colorado - Judd Kalush -- his website: LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

Class of 2009

20. Stop IRS debt or and Blue Tax -- Los Angeles, California/Santa Monica, CA  Blue TAX started in January 2009. Stop IRS Debt in 2011.

Blue Tax is the original of these two companies. But we think it has a lower profile now due to some bad internet exposure. A few years back, you might have seen their advertisement on TV: it's animated! Blue Tax's Website. Blue Tax and Stop IRS Debt originate from the ex-owners of Tax, Incorporated a company now in the dustbin of history - Dead Tax Relief Company List.

Blue Tax and Stop IRS Debt are definitely sales-driven organizations. They hold second place for the largest fee quoted to someone that we know $40,000!.We quoted a fee of $5500.00 to the same client. On October 3, 2012, one of their salespeople quoted a fee of $8500 for someone who pretty much had already negotiated an installment agreement on his own and didn't qualify for an Offer in Compromise -- When a Tax Resolution Company Botches an Interview then Charges an Abusive Fee. In late 2015, one of their "attorneys" told a person we met recently that they can "stop penalties and interest" from accruing on a debt that they had negotiated a payment plan for, already. Their fee for that questionable solution? $7500.00.

One thing is for sure: we hope that these company's well rated BBB record are really true (and that the So Cal BBB is not corrupt):
Blue Tax:  BBB record.
Stop IRS Debt's  BBB RECORD. Maybe Yelp is a better indicator on this: Yelp - Stop IRS Debt ?

Finally for what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only two companies out of 20 is still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor.  For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds.

21. or Tax Resources, Inc., Citrus Heights, California, September 2009.
Good looking website specifically for people who are being audited. Website:  Their BBB record: BBB record

22. Guidance Tax Relief, Beverly Hills, CA, December 2009. TAX LIEN MAILER.  
Here's their website. They do send out a scary little mailing saying "Wage Garnishment Pending" -- which was actually UNTRUE for someone we spoke to recently...very very misleading. Recently they quoted a customer of our's $6800.00 to handle a case that we're handling for $1750.00. AS of March of 2013 - Guidance Tax Relief - was still sending out these mailings. Their "non-accredited" BBB record. For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only two companies out of 20 are still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor. For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds. You can also read MORE about the Tax Lien Mailing Phenomenon -- HERE.

23.  Tax Resolution Professionals, Las Vegas, 2009.
Their website: In late 2013- we spoke to someone at the company at they said they do not have a record at the BBB because they don't agree with the concept of the BBB (as you have to "pay for a rating.") But these guys have fantastic reviews at Yelp: IMPRESSIVE. Their phone # 888-515-4829 - they have very good "hold-music"!

24. Top Tax Defenders, February 2009, Houston TX -Looks like tax attorneys in the Houston area: Their BBB record - a handful of complaints worth reading - but low volume of complaints is a good thing:  BBB record 

25. Direct Tax Relief , Sherman Oaks, CA , Feb. 2009.  Their BBB record is here: BBB record. Their website is We have exchanged emails with one of their principals and they are alive and well. We think they are dedicated to good practices. We wish them the very best!

26.  Insight Financial Services, Sebastian, FL, February 2009  TAX LIEN CALLER.
First, their: BBB record. A couple years ago: we met a lady who was sold an Offer in Compromise(OIC) who was already in uncollectible status (She also owned a usually OIC-killing home - free and clear). But we'll chalk this up as an overly eagerly salesperson who briefly slipped thru quality-control. They have maintained an "A-ish" rating for over 3 years so we can surmise that sales pitches like this were a dramatic exception to the rule. In early 2013, a gentleman we spoke to who owed the IRS 65k and whose case was in Automated Collection Systems was quoted a fee of $5000 by Insight to represent him. We offered to take on the case for $1050.00. Their website:

27. National Tax Experts  -Burbank, CA,  2009 TAX LIEN MAILER
We are fairly confident "NTE" sends out a mailing that says "you have been pre-qualified to participate in a pilot Williamson County (or another county) based program to help people who have fallen behind and have a Federal Tax Lien." The phone # they list is 800-381-8163. Well - just to critique this mailer -- there is no "county" based program for Federal tax resolution it comes thru the Federal government. Nonetheless -- we think this firm has decent bearings in the tax resolution world as one of the owners is Nick Johnson - who has ten plus years in the industry. Also affiliated with National Tax Experts we think is Patrick Oakes - who also ran Traveler's tax now in the Deceased Section of our Blog.  However - Mr. Oakes also might be the owner of National Tax Debt described in a blurb below. There are a total of six licensed tax professionals including E.A.s and attorneys.Their two identical websites (not super original guys) are: AND IRS Tax Doctors: --  Their BBB record:  BBB record San Francisco and BBB record Burbank.

In 2016, National Tax Experts have been sending out a mailer to folks with tax liens addressed from

The Taxing Authority
San Francisco, CA 

The letter indicates "Notice of Federal Tax Due." Phone # 1-800-683-5792.

28.  Perfect Tax Relief, Los Angeles, CA - Jan 2009 - TAX LIEN MAILER

PTR sends out a mailer:  "You Must Respond by : February 9, 20xx."  

" Why are you getting this notice?"

Phone # 888-591-6212 or 1-888-715-2373, 888-667-5620

What if they don't respond!? LOL. One of many tax resolution companies in Southern California. As of 2012 -- they still seem to be operating:  Perfect Tax Relief Website.  They are showing some good faith with their BBB record:  BBB record?  For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only two companies out of 20 are still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor.  For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds.

29. Ellis, Penn and O'Connor, Philadelphia, PA, August 2009 - TAX LIEN CALLER
Apparently these folks are formally "Mackinaw Consultants" previously based in of Denver Colorado. Like many companies originating in Colorado - they get clients from cold calling tax liens. There are 18 complaints at the BBB record but looks like they make an effort to respond: BBB record 

30. IRS Medic or or Parent & Parent, LLP , Connecticut, 2009
Connecticut based tax representation firm but definitely a nationally focused company full of a long list of tax professionals with lots of experience. Pretty informative website too. And a good BBB record. LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONALS LISTED.

31. Victory Tax Solutions, Ann Arbor, MI, April 2010
Judging from their video on their website: these guys clearly dress better than our office -
Victory Tax Solutions Website. We see many words on licensed tax professionals BUT no actual names of them on the site: NOT what we like to see. Victory Tax Solution's BBB record: BBB record

32. Tax Relief USA, Sunnyvale, CA , June 2009
BBB record is: HERE. Nice pics on their website: They do have five years under the belt and an A rating at the BBB and very good reviews at Yelp: Yelp Reviews. We guess it is a matter if you like their price $$?

33. Tax Relief Systems, San Pedro, CA , 2009
BBB record - dormant, but good: BBB record. Website: This company has some roots in Power Tax Relief on the dead list and the infamous American Tax Relief - closed in 2010. But - this company's BBB does NOT seem to be toxic which is a good sign - third time might be a charm?

Class of 2010

34. Accelerated Tax Solutions, Jacksonville area --- but list BBB record North Miami Beach, FL, Feb 2010?  Our understanding is that this company was created by ex-employees of Tax Defense Network also of Jacksonville. One odd fact: Accelerated is situated in Northern Florida but they have a BBB listing in Miami? Why's this? We have been told that these folks have hired and continue to hire employees that were fired by Tax Defense Network - for failure to adhere to their ethical standards. Their website is here: : No licensed tax professionals listed on their website: not too our liking. They charged $6000 for someone who has a case with the IRS - Automated Collection Systems and that's WAY too much money in our opinion. In August of 2015, they told someone who had their Offer rejected that they would handle their case differently for $6250.00. "Why so expensive?" the client asked. Their response? "A team of 15 attorneys is going to review their case. If one attorney didn't think they were going to win - then they wouldn't take the case." Very interesting. Well, we at thought the Offer was "appealable" and charged $850 for the appeal and $475 if the appeal didn't work to do "something else." They also advertise on this website: Their BBB record is still pristine - is that because it is in Miami Beach?:  BBB record

35. Professional Tax Resolution, Irvine, CA, February 2010.
A CPA (or CPA's) claiming to specialize in Tax Resolution. Their BBB record:  HERE. There are no "account managers" - you deal directly with tax professional. We like the ring of that:  Press Release. Very good Yelp reviews - hand's on touch: Yelp.

36. Fresh Start Tax LLC, Fort Lauderdale, FL February 2010.
These guys managed to get a great website name/property: Their BBB record shows their start date of February 2010:  BBB record

37. , Tustin, CA November 2010.
Snazzy website and great company name: Their BBB record.  For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only two companies out of 20 are still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor. For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds.

38. Taxation Solutions, Inc. Austin, TX, March 2010, TAX LIEN MAILER.
Taxation Solutions sends out mailings to people with tax liens. The mailings say:

Federal Tax Lien Notification: Form 1040-ST, Taxation Solutions

Urgent Notification for


The phone # they list is 888 931 1079. Taxation Solution has a BBB record at BBB record - Taxation Solutions. You can also read MORE about the Tax Lien Mailing Phenomenon -- HERE.

39.  911 Tax Relief, Glendale, CA, April 2010
Here's their BBB record. Their blog is terrible (more for SEO and not real intelligent insights) but updated somewhat frequently: Their Yelp reviews are a little on the scary side: Yelp Reviews. Their website is here:

40. Impact Tax Resolution, Thornton, Colorado, BBB record started July 2010
Another tax resolution company in Colorado - we are not sure if they market themselves by cold calling tax liens as their fellow state competitors do.  Their "non-accredited" BBB record. The following website is down (?):

41. Certified Tax Group, Westlake Village, CA April 2010
BBB record looks good:  BBB record and website is here:
It should be noted that these guys are NOT - "Certified Tax, Inc." - that is a dead company.

42. U.S. Tax Shield,  Woodland Hills, CA - July 2010
US Tax Shield, generally speaking, has a decent customer service reputation and a solid BBB record: US Tax Shield BBB record. Their website is: We have written several blog posts comparing Washington Tax's fees vs. US Tax shield (you can guess who was lower) : HERE and HERE. Their BBB record above does say they started business in July 2000, but this actually refers to an affiliate company Intercard Payments, Inc. -- we are pretty confident that the tax relief company started in July 2010. In December 2015, we offered our services to a physician with back-tax issues for $1550.00.  US Tax Shield offered the same services for $12,500.00.  All of this conjecture aside - with six years under their belt - we have to give US Tax Shield some credit - good customer service is obviously in their mix. Final note: in the last couple years, one of their key marketing people went and started Signature Tax:   

43.  Ideal Tax Solution, LLC,  Costa Mesa, May 6, 2010.
Ideal's website:   BBB record:  Their "non-accredited" BBB record.

44. Achievable Dream Tax Resolution, Colorado, 2010
Like that this site advertises a connection to NAEA - Natl Assoc of Enrolled Agents - but don't like that we can't see "Who They Are?" Who are the tax professionals here? Their site:

BBB record: BBB record

45. Success Tax Relief, BBB start date: August 2013, Laporte, TX
Texas tax relief company says they were founded in 2010.  Good looking website: BBB record is decent too: BBB record

46. Shields Tax Consulting, May 2010, Coral Gables, FL
Shields Tax Consulting sends out mailings to folks with IRS tax liens that are exact replicas of a Federal Tax Lien - scarily so. Their BBB record is here: BBB record. Their website is here: Shields Tax Consulting - cute picture of family on site :)

46b. Heartland Tax Solutions or Nova Financial, Jan 2010, Wheat Ridge, CO
BBB record: HERE. We have seen this website template before:

Class of 2011

47.  Front Street Tax Resolution, Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 2011.  TAX LIEN MAILER
This company got off on the wrong foot with us, based on an interview they did here: Selling Offer in Compromises for $3750.00. But the owner/manager indicated to us that the contracted person who did the interview is no longer with the company. We think it is awesome that owner took effort to contact us on this. Their website: Their: BBB record.  You can also read MORE about the Tax Lien Mailing Phenomenon -- HERE.

48. Fidelity Tax Relief formerly known as Apex Tax Resolution (dissolved), Irvine or Tustin, CA, June 2011  TAX LIEN MAILER
Company sends out mailers to individuals and business with tax liens -- mailing could be mistaken as an actual tax lien. IMPORTANT: they claim to be BBB accredited on their website BUT THEY ARE NOT:  Their "non-accredited" BBB record. and their website is

If you are going to hire this firm:  ask their salesperson :  "who are your licensed tax professionals on the Power of Attorney?" For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only one company two of 20 are still alive  that were started in 2006 or earlier! Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor. For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds. You can also read MORE about the Tax Lien Mailing Phenomenon -- HERE.

49. OMG Tax, North Highlands, California, July 2011.

We have seen OMG Tax advertise on cable TV. Here's a link to their TV ad: OMG Tax - TV ad. Their BBB record has them listed as the Juceam Group as one of the owners: Scott Juceam had a differently named tax resolution company that was folded into OMG Tax. Their "Non-accredited" BBB record.. And their website is:

At one time, Mr. Juceam was entangled in some issues stemming from the closure of his sister's company: the once massively popular : Roni Deutch - the TV Tax Attorney, but according to the BBB, in late 2011 -- Mr. Juceam resolved all claims connected to Deutch. Good for them and good luck: OMG Tax...keep up the decent BBB record.

50. Assurance Tax Advisors, Houston, TX , October 27, 2011.  Nothing too original here. We are not a big fan of tax resolution websites that don't list any names of tax professionals. Here's the link to website: Website. Their BBB record: BBB record

51. Precision Tax Relief, Coeur D' Alene, ID October 2011. We think Precision is a pretty solid company - 27 employees including 14 licensed tax professionals. Some ex-staff members from Instant Tax Solutions started the firm a few years back. Our understanding is that they have noble intentions and have a solid system to serve their customers. A staff member indicated to us: that they "quote flat fees, offer no interest payment plans and provide the client with a detailed contract." Furthermore, "(their) Resolution Services department has a staff of 13; six Case Teams consisting of a Case Manager and a Case Coordinator.  (They) have one Case Specialist that assists with case closeout." An excellent company we think. Their website: and BBB record: BBB record

52. Flat Fee Tax Resolution ad/or Flat Fee Tax Service, Inc., San Diego, October 2011.
Hey this company is using the same blog template as! Nonetheless, they have a horrendous SEO driven blog. What if you wrote a blog that was exclusively driven to get hits without any soul or substance - well this might be that tax resolution blog: Flat Fee Tax Resolution Website. Fresh BBB record here: BBB record.  For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only two companies out of 20 are still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor  For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds.

53. Classic Tax Resolution, Houston, TX  2011(?)
We love the name. If you like classic rock, maybe you'll like classic tax resolution? There is no BBB listing, yet. And as of December 2014 - no BBB listing -- not a good sign. What's up guys?

54. South Coast Tax or South Coast Tax Resolution, August 2011, Westlake Village, CA
Another player in the Southern California tax resolution market. Nice website. Actors? Or real people? BBB record: BBB record. For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only two companies out of 20 are still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor. For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds.

55. Tax Relief Providers, July 2011 , Clifton , NJ
Another new player based in New Jersey trying to reach national marketplace of tax representation clients. Got to admit: they have website which is a slight variation on about 90 of the companies that you will find on this list, i.e. not very original: Nonetheless - their BBB record is untainted: BBB record

56. Rapid Resolution Tax Group, San Mateo, CA March 2011
We have exchanged emails with the folks at this company and we think they aspire to good service. You can check out their BBB record: HERE and their website is:  HERE.

57. National Tax Network, Irvine, California,  April 2011
Their website advertises the services of Enrolled Agents and claims to have done major advertising on TV (maybe?): BBB record is pretty dormant: Their "non-accredited" BBB record.  Maybe they're a lead generator for other companies? Possible. Websites like National Tax Network's are frustrating because it is hard to pinpoint any live and licensed tax professionals there. No names, etc. But if they are a lead generator that makes sense. Yet if they really do cases there - they would benefit from sharing with the public the actual names of Enrolled Agents they might have on staff?!

58. Orange County Tax Relief, Orange County, CA, 2011.  Run by Jacques Gendreau, an Enrolled Agent. We love it when companies prominently show their licensed tax professional. They emphasize local representation in Orange County. NO BBB record yet.  LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

59. Alana Tax Group, Southern California, July 2011. We spoke recently to Svetlana who is an ex-IRS attorney about Alana Tax Group or previously GSA Taxpayer Advocates:  Looks like she has extensive experience in IRS representation. BBB listing is here: BBB Listing  LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

60. Platinum Tax Defenders, Thousand Oaks, CA , February 2011
After multiple emails exchanged with Platinum, we see a dedication to good service. Their website is : and their BBB record. Platinum Tax was founded by Sherri Gastelum who previously was associated with the now closed Summit Tax. Our understanding is she left that now closed organization (Summit) due to her wish to start a well-run organization dedicated to good customer service.  LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

61.  Tax Help HQ, Los Angeles, Denver, Salt Lake City - 2011.
More informative and original website than you will find out there: This company is run by Jassen Bowman, an Enrolled Agent. Here's a good explanation of his approach and himself: For good yet idiosyncratic reasons, he does NOT have a Better Business Bureau record. Yet the fact that he is licensed to practice pretty much has you covered. He operates and represents people from around the country. His office is mobile. He's a pretty interesting fellow and someone who seems to be in the tax representation game for the long haul. AND:  he is one of the few people you'll find on this blog list who is teaching other tax professionals about adding tax resolution to their skill-set:  Tax Marketing Headquarters    LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

62. Strategic Tax Lawyers, Santa Monica, August 2011
So Strategic Tax Lawyer's website is Morris Behboud is the main staff attorney - he's a former IRS attorney. This company is a law firm. There are five licensed tax professionals on staff.  They also do estate planning and FBAR / offshore issues. Their BBB record. LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

63. or, Long Beach, CA, October 2011
Looks like this website was set up by an Enrolled Agent(!): Zvi Shapiro. Not a bad marketing idea. Looks like the BBB record is still solid:  Two Step Tax, Inc. BBB record. LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

64. The Law Office of Elizabeth Gonsalves, Southern California, 2011.
Attorney with solid website. She is also interested in keeping the tax representation industry clean. We really like her website: LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED. BBB record is HERE.

65. Five Star Tax Resolution Services, Glendale, CA, July 2011
Tax Attorney's website: BBB record: Five Star BBB record. LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

66. Tax Champions, January 2011, Valencia, CA
A new player in LA area in tax resolution game: You do have to like the CPA clearly stating his name for the world to see. That is huge sign of credibility in this business. BBB record solid: BBB record  LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

67.  Tax Law Advocates or IRS Levy Solutions, Costa Mesa, CA December 2010,  TAX LIEN MAILER

In 2016 - Tax Law Advocates has also been advertising itself as "IRS Levy Solutions"- we saw an email they sent to a customer about the "Fresh Start" program with the phone # 1(888) 210-0806. Their BBB listing. Their website. They also have marketed themselves by sending out a TAX LIEN official mailer as described here:  Tax Lien Mailers: An Overview. A client sent us a recent mailer from them that says:


You need to contact us immediately upon receipt of this notice.

(Kind of implies that they are a government agency themselves?) The phone # listed on this mailer is 1-877-960-4861"

For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only one company out of 20 is still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor. For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds. You can also read MORE about the Tax Lien Mailing Phenomenon -- HERE.

68. Cornerstone Tax Resolution, Jacksonville, FL , 2011 start date
B minus BBB rated company in Northern Florida -Their "non-accredited" BBB record.. Pretty standard tax resolution website:

69. Curadebt Tax Relief, Hollywood, FL - Start date 2011
A Debt relief company that has moved into the tax relief business.  BBB record: Their "non-accredited" BBB record. They obviously appear very savvy when it comes to online marketing: Curadebt Website


70. Optima Tax Relief, Santa Ana, CA, April 2012.
In just four years, thanks to a massive investment in marketing by their investors who previously had success in debt relief, Optima Tax Relief might very well be the largest tax resolution company in the United States. Optima's website is here: Optima has grown fast enough to have 11 licensed tax professionals on staff including E.A's. and attorneys but probably many more in 2015. That's a respectable number of professionals considering their start date. Their decent BBB record is here: Their A rated -- BBB record. In 2013 - Optima has been running intelligent well-produced radio ads with Alan Thicke, the actor.

While their BBB record does indicate a solid quality of service, Optima does charge a premium for their services which we discuss in a blog post:  HERE. Do keep an eye on that BBB record as added volume can sometimes mean deteriorating service and reduced quality control.

IN 2013, Optima is also advertising as  which claims to give IRS tax relief solutions within 30 days with a phone # of 1-800-372-7519. ALSO IN 2013 - Optima has been advertising on Google as: AND FINALLY, OPTIMA IS ADVERTISING AS TAX RELIEF PARTNERS:

For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only one company out of 20 is still alive  that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor. For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds.

71. FTB Tax Resolution Services, February 2012, San Marcos, CA
Another new tax resolution company, the BBB record:  Their "non-accredited" BBB record.. Their website is  We have nothing to report on them for now.

(800) 935-6762For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only one company out of 20 is still alive  that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor.  For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds. 
72. Key Tax Group, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 2013 TEXT MESSAGER - SENDS ADS BY TEXT
Just spoke with Kelly Gibson - a Tax Attorney with a Masters in Accounting -- who is the founder of Key Tax Group. As we have said throughout this blog - it is excellent when the licensed tax professionals are prominent in a tax resolution company.  On the other hand, Yelp reviews have beat them up a bit: Yelp Reviews. Their website is here: Their BBB record is HERE.

73. Insight Law Firm, Auburn (outside Seattle), WA, July 2012
Welcome neighbor to the tax representation game. We like the website:  Their Yelp reviews are entertaining. Read the positive and negative review (both referencing foreign accents): Yelp Reviews. Their BBB record.

74. National Tax, National Tax Debt or "Tax Group", Glendale (L.A.), California, 2011, TAX LIEN MAILER.

National Tax Debt or "Tax Group" as their office sometimes answers the phone is a company that has made a substantial investment in mailings to people with tax liens. Our research shows that this company was started by a gentleman named Patrick Oakes. He was the previous owner of Traveler's Tax - another company that relied on tax lien mailings for its marketing. That company expired in the early to mid 2000's and is in the Graveyard of Tax Relief Companies.

Most recently - 2015 - National Tax Debt has been mailing TAX LIEN letters with the phone 1-800-314-9702 and 1-800-724-9508 and caller ID shows up as 213-223-6714. The letter says "This letters is to notify you of the probability that the Federal Taxing Authority will move forward with garnishing your wages..."

Their website is here: They say that they have CPA's, EA's and Attorneys on staff in the big building picture on their site. But we wish they'd list some names of them? They have multiple # is 1-888-780-9892 or 1-800-657-0840 or 1-800-656-1732 or 1-800-409-7968 or 1-866-362-5842. AS their name is so universal - "National Tax" - their name is confused often with National Tax Experts (see above). Nonetheless , here is BBB record.

For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only one company out of 20 is still alive  that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor. For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds.

Here's the language in a couple of their mailers:


Tax Processing Center
Tax Lien Division


The address they indicate is

Tax Processing Center
4133 Avenida de la Plata
Oceanside, CA 92056 

They also have a mailer that says

Notice of Tax Lien Investigation

Tax Lien Verification Unit
Phone 866-362-5842  


Tax Lien Notification. Please Read Carefully.
Phone 800-713-5783

and another:

Form 009-S Tax Lien Reduction Notification
Info for the Federal Affordability Stability Plan
Phone 800-913-7965

We are not aware of this form # - form 009-S? - Bogus! And the Federal Affordability Stability plan - WTF is that? You can also read MORE about the Tax Lien Mailing Phenomenon -- HERE.

As recently as 2014 - National Tax has been sending mailers stating "Notice of Wage Garnishment and Lien Investigation," with the phone number 800-780-8415.  Their company name is NOT listed on the mailing.

75. 800 TAX or Clear Choice Tax Solutions, Orange County, CA, April 2012
Marketing pretty heavily on the internet -- they have nice websites - sort of: or Their BBB record is HERE. For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only one company out of 20 is still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier! Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor. For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds.

76. A Better Way Tax Services, LLC, Broomfield, Colorado, October 2012

I will let the owner to describe A Better Way which appears to be a solid customer-service oriented company with visible licensed tax professionals to boot: 

"I am a Josh Meyer, a former employee of 20/20 and left so that I could operate independently and continue to provide my clients a high level of service. We are a small firm run by two licensed attorneys (myself and my business partner) in Colorado. I am also an enrolled agent. We do not engage in telemarketing, relying mainly on referrals for our clients. We work very hard to achieve a successful result for all of our clients. We have an A+ rating from the BBB and approx. 100 testimonials and success stories on our website from our clients:"

77. Tax Resolutions, LLC, Southampton, PA, November, 2012 TAX LIEN COLD CALLER 
Stumbled upon "Tax Resolutions" recently- - we believe that they cold call tax liens. Their BBB record is  HERE

78. Blackfin IRS Solutions, Denver, CO, 2012 
Kind of a cool name: BBB record is pretty clean so far: Blackfin IRS solutions - BBB record. 

79. Tax Law Advisory, San Diego, March 2012
Tax Law Advisory has been sending the following deceptive email to people:

Agency: Federal/State
Phone Number: 888-941-5236
Notice Date: 02/09/2015

My name is Jason, and I am the agent that has been assigned to your case as of February 6th, 2015. I am following up with you about your back taxes.

Because your case has not been resolved, actions to collect are currently in process. In order to avoid the consequences, you will need to contact me to resolve this matter, or another agent within our office, by February 15th, 2015.

Jason Stallings
Settlement Officer
Department of Compliance
O: 888-941-5236
F: 888-213-0302

Pretty bold email to say the least.  A couple of questions jump out:  are you an agent with the government? How can someone in the private sector be "assigned" to someone's case?" Very clever. Still their BBB is not contaminated - yet: BBB record.  Their website (kind of) :
80. Nation Star Tax Advisors, LLC, Orlando, FL, October 2012
BBB record: Their "non-accredited" BBB record and website:

81. Zip Tax, Irvine, California , October 2012  TAX LIEN CALLER
Catchy name. They cold call folks with tax liens. We have written about cold calling tax liens before: Cold Calling Tax Liens - Is it Legal? Zip Tax is "Accredited" at the BBB which is good: BBB record. Their website:

82. Riley & Bridges Tax Debt Relief, Chatsworth, CA, December 29, 2014
Well - here's a decent BBB record on these guys - they are accredited - BBB record
and the enviably named website: 

83. Insight Tax Group, Vero Beach, FL, BBB Record Started September 2012. TAX LIEN CALLER
Website: Here is BBB record. Interesting that Monarch above - also in Vero Beach - is a tax lien caller as well as Insight. Do these guys know each other?

84. Taxsmith, LLC, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL, Oct 2012
This supposed "law firm" told a client of ours to pay them a day after she hired our firm. We had not agreed to a refund before she hired them creating a pretty complex situation. If you are going to "poach" a client from someone else, it's respectful to have your new client make sure he/she has gotten a refund from the previous firm before they hire you. Website: BBB record: BBB record.

85. Tax Relief Central, Miami, FL and/or
Looks like a new website staffed by Attorneys including Hubert Johnson, Sr. In 2016 - still no BBB record! Come on folks. On the other hand - the fact there are attorneys named on the website is a good thing.

86. IRS Tax Pros,  Longwood, FL
Our tax preparation department was contacted by this firm to send tax resolution cases to them. In 2015, we don't see a Better Business Bureau record for them yet. The website references a "Sharon" who is an Enrolled Agent, but honestly there is not enough disclosure on this website to make us feel easy. Phone (855) 829-4475, website:

87. JL Tax Group, Vero Beach, Florida , 2013 -- TAX LIEN MAILER
Stumbled up on this company in a web search. JL Tax Group includes two Enrolled Agents: Chris Higgins and Steven Musick. We have great respect for companies who have E.A.'s visible in the organization and even more appreciation for companies that email us to update our blog (!). Good luck - JL. Their website is, Here is BBB record

88. Action Tax (formerly Cool Tax Services), Orange County, California, 2013
Exchanged emails with Matthew Cooling, E.A., who is relatively new to the practice but has extensive experience in the audit division of the California FTB and is now representing clients on the other side. He prepares returns and is expanding his tax representation and resolution business. His website is  LICENSED TAX PROFESSIONAL LISTED.

89. Signature Tax Services, Southern California, July 2013
Somebody previously employed in the tax relief industry (with US Tax Shield) went "all-in" with their marketing with Signature Tax. Signature's website is: But -- hate to nitpick BUT - were you really seen on CNBC and Fox Business News? Advertise there? Or is it made up? You also list addresses in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Ft. Lauderdale, etc. Now come on - those are all mail boxes --- right? And local numbers that go to your office in Los Angeles?  Prove us wrong? OK, we give up. Their BBB listing is here:  BBB record

90. E. Cohen and CPAs, Maryland, 2013
These folks have long pedigrees in tax/tax resolution practice including Nicholas Preusch who very recently was an attorney at the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility. It appears they have recently started to advertise their tax resolution help credentials. Their Web Site Looks like a very solid practice to me. A new BBB record

91. Taxes 321, Woodland Hills, CA, 2013
In late 2015, we still couldn't find a BBB record for these folks. Maybe they are ex-employees of Tax Defense Partners in nearby Encino? BBB records are pretty essential these days. Here's their website:

92.  Madison Tax Group, New York , NY , March 2013
Nothing too unique here: Stock photos of well dressed folk. No licensed tax professionals listed. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Good luck. BBB record:  Their "non-accredited" BBB record

93. Kutler Tax Resolution, Arvada, CO, October 2013
New company out of Colorado - BBB record and their Website.

94. Tax Solutions Group, Santa Ana, CA , October 2013 TAX LIEN MAILER
Sends out mailers to folks with tax liens. Website: BBB record: BBB record

95. Coast One Financial Group, San Diego (Houston?), May 2013 TAX LIEN CALLER.
I think these folks might "cold call" tax liens. They did quote a fee of $29,000 to represent a Payroll Tax case which we are doing for $5500 - a big case. (At the BBB record, it indicates that another client paid $25,000 - so some big fees are being thrown out at Coast One). An interview they did recently was worthy of a blog post:  Blog Post: Buyer Beware. Their BBB record. Website is pretty typical with the fake business people stock photo:

96. Silver Tax Group, Detroit , MI , February 2013
Lawyer in the tax representation game: BBB record Website:

97. ALG Tax Solutions, Detroit, Michigan, February 2013 - BBB record is HERE.  ALG is the creation of E.A./C.P.A. Akono Gross. We have exchanged emails with staff there and we love their approach:

"We have been focusing on educating clients because we find that when our clients know what's going on, and how the system works, they stay happy. We prefer happy clients. This is why our website is education based, and not filled with fear mongering."


98. JAG Tax Financial Services, Newport Beach, CA - Sept. 2013
BBB rating  Pretty new company:


99. Tax Representation, Inc., Gardena, CA, July  2014 RADIO ADVERTISER
Our understanding is this company was set up by the people who started Certified Tax (Lisa Wong), a company in L.A that recently closed: BCA record. Besides it being a much catchier name than Certified, we're not clear why they started a new company - to escape the other company's bad reputation? Here is their website with that enviable website address: You can reach them 800-586-2001 and 800-255-3995. Tax Representation has a BBB record now:  BBB record

So far in 2015 - this company did offer a $4000 representation fee to a customer who owed $30,000 to the IRS and probably wasn't going to qualify for an Offer to settle. The likely result for this high-income person was that he would need to renegotiate a payment plan and maybe get the penalties off if he can start getting compliant. Our fee to get get him the best deal we could? $1100.00. If this person did pay $4000 and the result was NOT an Offer in Compromise - well - that might just be a very dissatisfied individual.

IN 2016 - "Tax Representation, Inc." has been advertising heavily on the radio.

100. National Tax Aid, Irvine, CA (1988) but more likely 2014
Cool site: Business claims to have been open since 1988:  BBB record which probably means there is a licensed tax professional who has been doing it since 1988, but hasn't started marketing for tax resolution clients until recently.

101. Compass Tax Group, Broomfield, CO, 2014 (?)
Attorney and E.A. join forces to start: We could be wrong on the start date. These folks are in the hotbed of taxresolutionland - Broomfield, CO - home of Omni Financial and 2020. Good luck folks - thanks for putting your licenses out there - that's good. However - you need to get a BBB listing.

102.  Tax Debt Services, Temecula, CA, 2014
A company started by an ex-employee of Platinum Tax Defenders. We think their intentions are good. They wrote us asking to be listed on the blog. Good luck guys!

103. Clean Slate Tax, Jupiter, FL 2014
Licensed tax professionals all over the site. Love it. That's a good start in our book.  BBB record: BBB record 

104. Defense Tax Group, Los Angeles, CA May, 2014
If you were in the tax resolution marketing laboratory and you were brewing up the best tax resolution company name with the most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) power - you might come up with "Defense Tax Group" - a clever play on "Tax Defense Network" or "Tax Defense Partners." Located on Wilshire Boulevard in L.A. -- THE SITE OF AT LEAST 4 TAX RESOLUTION COMPANIES DEATHS IN THE LAST 10 YEARS.  Website. BBB record:  Their "non-accredited" BBB record.

105. Pure Tax Help or Pure Tax Resolution , Seattle, Michigan, Portland, OR, Boston or Virginia or Dallas, 2014 Not exactly sure about the story of Pure Tax - there's no Better Business Bureau record - to help the narrative. They have set up several websites with the hope of capturing local audiences around the U.S. But it's not clear where their central office is? But it looks like real professionals - a consortium of various ones (?):   here's "Michigan Pure Tax Help" for example.. A fellow called us in 2016 and said he walked down to the Dallas office of Pure Tax and there was no one there. Having national offices is an attractive marketing tool, but expensive to pull off. We're skeptical these folks truly have such a physical presence in locations all around the country.

106. Creative Tax Solutions, Inc., August 2014, Lantana, Florida
 BBB record is here: BBB record. Above average website - Creative Tax Solutions - however - the TV ad references - CNN , MTV, Fox News, etc. - strike us as disingenuous. We doubt that this company has been on any of those networks.

107. Dartmouth Financial Group, Denver, Colorado, January 2014 TAX LIEN CALLER
Why that is a nice and mighty Ivy league name to give yourself fellows? BBB record still checks out here: BBB record. Nice glossy website - Dartmouth Financial - Two guys, Terry Burke and Steve Pierce, appear to have created Dartmouth - we are not sure if they are C.P.A.'s , E.A.'s. or Attorneys. A person who we spoke with recently received a call from Dartmouth due to a tax lien he had filed against him. He said the representative at Dartmouth could make sure that all payments in the future " would go 100% to principal."  In actuality, the IRS doesn't freeze future penalties/interest EXCEPT in a Bankruptcy Chapter 13. However, the IRS will remove penalties and interest which accrued on the penalties that had already has been assessed on the debt BUT you can't promise a future removal of interest/penalties like the guy said.

108. Anderson Bradshaw Tax Consulting, Salt Lake City or Los Angeles 2014(?)
Frustrating website that doesn't list their address but disingenuously indicates they have offices in all 50 states:  Anderson Bradshaw Website. We gave them a call 1-877-550-3911 to see who they were - there was no answer. But we did get a call back from someone in Los Angeles. Interesting? These guys do have a non-rated BBB record in Los Angeles that was set up in February 2016: BBB record

109. Nationwide Tax Resolution, Orange, CA, October 2014
Accredited business with BBB - that's good: BBB record Their website: For what it's worth: Southern California tax relief companies have an abysmal survival record -- only one company out of 20 is still alive that were started in 2006 or earlier!  Old Tax Relief Firms Survival Rate - Very Poor   For their customer's sake, let's hope these guys buck these odds.

110. Tax Help MD, Jupiter, FL, March 2014
Tax Help MD is a company that processes the cases of a defunct company United Tax Group - which is a good thing - but also seems to be in business to take on new cases as well. Their BBB record: Their "non-accredited" BBB record. Their website:

111. Spectrum Tax, Irvine, CA, May 2014
Irvine is a popular town for tax relief companies. Their BBB record: BBB record and website: Here's a snippet from the Spectrum BBB site in response to their one complaint: "We received the complaint on 08/26/2014 regarding a message left to the client’s voice mail from our company. We believe that everyone working for our company passed a training course. We here have zero tolerance for misrepresentation or foul mouth to our clients."  TAX LIEN CALLER


112. Reliance Tax Group, Yulee, FL 2015?
Found this Florida based tax relief company's website recently: Website . In June 2015, Reliance Tax Group did offer someone who was being "audited" by the IRS for tax year 2013 - increasing his liability to the IRS - 10k - representation services for $2500.00.  Washington Tax Svcs. , our company, offered to amend his return which should mostly fix the issue for $575.00. As of June 2015 - Reliance still did NOT have a BBB listing: Northeast Florida BBB search

113. Hillhurst Tax Group, Los Angeles, CA 2015
Fantastic looking website:  Enrolled Agent's credentials are listed. Very good start, though - no BBB record yet.

114. Tax Time Resolution, Lindenhurst, NY 2015
Lead generator for tax resolution firms? New company? Exact location? BBB record? There are no answers to these questions.  But there is a website: 

115. Urgent Tax Help, Sherman Oaks, CA April 2015
Pretty snazzy website : Most likely a "lead generator" or one of many companies in So Cal that sprout - often for just the short term: Tax Relief + Southern Cal : Often a Bad Mix Nonetheless - here's their BBB record in San Francisco (?): BBB record

116. Vanish Tax Relief, El Segundo, CA, 2015
So - good name. Let's say you want to learn about these folks? Check out their "About Us" section of their webpage: Vanish Tax Relief Webpage. It doesn't say much. No tax professionals listed. No history. With the graveyard of tax resolution companies loaded with Southern Cal outfits, we're sorry, we're just skeptical. In November 2015, we could not find a record for these guys.

117., July 2015 , Orange County, CA (?) LIVE TAX LIEN -DOOR KNOCKERS
These folks are the rare people who actually knock on the doors of people with tax liens! That requires some serious gumption. These folks are situated in Las Vegas, NV. But the client that informed us about it was in Orange County, California.  Interesting.

118. Rush Tax Resolution, Jan 2015, Woodland Hills, CA
Talked to a fellow who spoke with Rush Tax Resolution about his roughly $7600 liability for 2013 & 2014 tax years and the threat of another liability by his failure to report "cancellation of debt" on his 2013 return. The good news was that this tax increase was avoidable by amending his 2013. Rush Tax offered to protect him from collections, do the 2014 return and settle his debt for $4400.00. There was no mention of an amended return for 2013. We - on the other hand - charged him a flat fee of $925 to: A. do 2013 - 1040x B. do 2014 return C. set up client in Streamline payment plan on the $7600 owed. Rush Tax looks like a company that was started by a Fred Katz who a Google search looks like an ex-consultant of Tax Defense Partners in nearby Encino. Their BBB record is HERE.

119. Tax Protection Services, Jun 2015, Missoula, MT
We like that their attorneys on the front the page: Tax Protection Services Keep that BBB record in good shape! BBB record

120. Tax Relief Master, 2015, Century City, CA
Probably spent about $10,000 on Tax Relief Master Website. There are no licensed tax professionals listed on the site. This site may very be just a "lead generator" with no employees. In other words -companies receive leads from people who find this site. But they say they have been open for 31 years? Doesn't that disingenuous-ness disqualify them right off the bat?

121. OIC Tax Services, 2015, Sacramento, CA
BBB record is here: BBB record  Their website is HERE. Looks like Enrolled Agent could be key staff member there. Good!

122. Tax Mediation Services, July 2015, Woodland Hills, CA
Tax Mediation who has serious close proximity to Tax Defense Partners AND Rush Tax (just up above) is staffed by ex-employees of US Tax Shield, in fact. Their BBB record is HERE. Their website is HERE. We certainly do like that three Tax Attorneys are listed and pictured prominently on their site.

123. Horizon Tax Relief, March 2015, Irvine, CA
Hmm - another tax relief company in Orange County...BBB record Website: Horizon Tax Relief

124. Nationwide Tax Consulting, June 2015, Pt. St. Lucie, FL
Unrated BBB record. Typical "tax relief" website with unoriginal content: Website

125. Oxford Tax Partners, July 2015, Chicago, IL
Nice looking site: On the "Who We Are" page - it would be nice to see actual names? They also pay for accreditation at BBB, good: BBB record They did recently (Jan 2017) quote about a $15,000 fee on a case that we're handling for a little under $5,000.00.


125. Monster Tax Relief, El Toro, CA, June 2016
Lead generator? Tax relief company? Website: BBB record: BBB record

End of Tax Relief Company List

When any of these new companies die they go to a place we call the Graveyard of Tax Resolution Companies.

Do really want to take a chance with a tax representation company with four years or less of existence? Why don't you call the experts at a company with 27 plus years of experience?  1-888-282-4697 or EMAIL us your tax situation HERE

Lead Generators- What Does This Mean?  Lead Generators are Marketers for Tax Resolution/Representation Companies -- they Generate Leads or New Clients via TV, Radio and/or Internet.  They are NOT "actual" tax representation companies.

a. Back Taxes Help or,  Stamford, CT, April, 2009.  Company's BBB record says they are internet marketing company (?):  BBB record. Their website:

b. Taxation Law Firms or, ? 2012
We think this is a lead generation site for attorneys in the tax representation field? It's not too bad of a site:

c. Business Tax News - ROBOCALLER
Company sends out robocalls leaving the phone 1-888-814-4411 asking if you are being levied or you have unfiled tax returns. 

d. Tax 10000 Network or -- 2012

This company which advertises on cable TV appears to be a lead generator for other companies.  But we could be wrong. They have phone #'s 1-800-549-2544 or 1-800-671-8366. I hope they route the calls to good legitimate companies. But we wouldn't count on it. We could NOT find a Better Business Bureau listing for them.

e. Tax Debt Relief Center or Tax Freedom Insitute? 

Heard an internet radio ad -- listening to Pandora -- we don't think they are tax firm-- just a lead generator -- the phone # to call is  1-800-989-1782.

f. Tax Resolvers, 2013

They have a lead generation site and appear to advertise on Radio.  Community Tax Relief of Chicago (on stalwart list) is the recipient of leads from them.

g. US Tax Professionals or - 2013

Another lead generator.

h. The Tax Eliminator, 2013

Not sure who it is - but another website to get new customers for someone:

i. Tax Advice Today or, 2013

Lead generator for who knows - sends spam to your email: 

j. First Choice Tax Relief, 2013

Although this website publicizes itself for it's excellent BBB rating - we couldn't find a BBB record for them. We are fairly confident that this is a lead generator site for another tax resolution company:

k. Tax Support USA, 2013
Run of the mill lead generator: They say they were on "CBS Moneywatch." We would wager pretty heavily they were NOT. 1-888-646-1613.

l. Tax Relief Partners, 2013, Santa Ana, CA
Tax Relief Partners or is probably the best lead generation site we have ever seen aesthetically. Fantastic. We are pretty certain this website is a lead generator of Optima Tax Relief's.

m.  , Fort Lee, NJ 2013
Phone number 1-888-603-3094. Looks like a lead generator and not a real company? Found them advertising on

n. Reliance Tax Group, 2014, Florida
At least at the bottom - they say - that they are a lead generator - refreshing.

o., Fort Lee , NJ, November 2010
Good ad and lead generating style web-site:  Judging from BBB record -  BBB record - They could be a company ? But look like a lead generator.  - 2014
This is a nice website that connects you to Enrolled Agents around the country? We think. So more of a lead generator than a company but nicely done.

q., Sacramento, CA , April 2009
Stumbled upon their website: upon a search of the internet. Lead generator? Actual company that does cases? Not sure. Their BBB record is:  BBB record '

r. Dwight the Knight, Probably Los Angeles, CA 2015
Cute commercial: probably from the same guys who brought your Blue Tax or just as likely Optima Tax Relief.  Who knows - cute though and clearly a lead-generator and not a real actual company that services clients.

s. The Tax Firm of America, Los Angeles, 2015
Probably a "lead generator." Slick website: Not a huge fan of the name: kind of pretentious - don't you think? No BBB record as of April 2015.

t., Florida

This is one of many "lead generation" sites for Tax Defense Network in Jacksonville, Florida. 

When any of these new companies die they go to a place we call the Graveyard of Tax Resolution Companies.

Do really want to take a chance with a tax representation company with four years or less of existence? Why don't you call the experts at a company with 26 plus years of experience?  1-888-282-4697 or EMAIL US your tax situation HERE  and we'll contact you by email/phone!  


Anonymous said...

The Juceam Group, aka OMG tax, is owned and operated by the Deutch family from the shut down Roni Deutch Law Firm.

jeff fouts said...

Great writeup Jay, it looks like you have a very trustworthy tax resolution service. is located in Ellijay GA

maryann said...

Hi! Just wondering if you have ever heard of Certified Tax Group and if they are a scam?

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Issues said...

Hi Mary Ann - they are listed up above #22 - started business in 2008.

Brandon said...

Jay, Check out Resolute Tax Services in Tempe. The RTS in SC copied the name s a lot of JK Harris employees were very interested in the one in Tempe. I would love to talk to let you know more about our company. It was started in 2009.

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Issues said...

HI Brandon -- feel free to email me about your company at and I will get you on the blog.

Anna V. said...

Does anyone know anything about Tax Monkey? I wanted to know who owned it or which group is it a part of? I'm thinking of using them and want to get more information.

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Issues said...

HI Anna - thanks for reading the blog. I am just skeptical of "tax" companies that have very little time in the business - who rely on gimmick marketing like a "monkey." Keep shopping :)

Roger Zelaya said...

Can you comment on tax Result and their guarantee money back?

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Issues said...

Hi Roger: Well Tax Results of Michigan has a C minus rating with less than 3 years of business. Make your own judgement from that.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at the national tax relief center of america. It looks like they also registered as national tax services of america (

National tax services cold called my parents stating they could get my parents tax bill to zero for a nominal fee.

Only two of the employees to contact have linked in accounts and interesting enough for the employee contact list ( the only two you can contact via form are the first two whom also have the linked in accounts. Seems very interesting to me...

Anthony E. Parent, Esq said...

Hey thanks for the words about my firm and website! has actually been around since 2006. Still going strong and getting better. We have 5 attorneys, an ex-IRS auditor, 2 accountants and 5 support staff now.

The thing that we are doing different is that we warranty our work. This is a big thing. Getting an IRS resolution is just part of it. The IRS ROUTINELY fails to code cases correctly, fails to put all periods into a collection alternative --- even when they say they did!

Obviously, if you are a client who paid for resolution, you want resolution. And it isn't really going to matter whose fault it is.

That's why if the IRS mucks something up, we take care of it, no additional fee. And sometimes it has taken us years (serious) to finally get the IRS to reverse something stupid it should not have done.

My staff is a lot less stressed with this policy and our clients are happier too.

Again, thanks for the words and helping people figure out who is real.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Can you comment on Optima Tax Relief. WhatWhot they told me vs the Alan Think commercial are to totally different things. Can I trust a company that can't immediately tell me what my tax outcome could possibly be? Thewy're askfor a lotta money up front. Then...?

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Issues said...

RE: Optima Tax -- I think this is a company with good intentions. However, I am inclined, knowing the complexity of some tax resolution cases to endorse businesses that have been doing this for 10 years or more. My company and others on the stalwart list might be safer bets.

Shane Worth said...

From what I gather, The Juceam Group, aka OMG tax, is not owned and operated by the Deutch family. I may be wrong.

Anonymous said...

OMG Tax is operated by Scott Juceam- RONI DEUTCHS BROTHER!! Mr. Juceam worked at his sisters Roni Deutch Law Firm for over 10 years until they got closed down. Then he opened up 'The Juceam Group' along with his and Roni Deutchs brother Russel Deutch and they were since sued for fraud in their connections with their sis Roni Deutch. Now they just changed their name to 'OMG Tax' THE SAME FAMILY from Roni Deutch Law Firm

Elizabeth Johnsen said...

The IRS Hitman site is an advertisement for the Tax Defense Network. It says so in small print on the right-hand side of the "Contact the Team" page. It's a clever marketing idea and I'm sure the attorneys had fun doing the photo-shoot.

Anonymous said...

Can you give me info on National Tax Experts in Woodland Hills California?

Anonymous said...

I'm so confused about this industry. Who is the largest? I read it was Tax Relief Services, who is now apparently Tax Defense Partners? Why the name change.

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Issues said...

Anonymous - the company you are referencing is actually " Tax Resolution Services" and they changed their name to "Tax Defense Partners" - I think they did this because their previous name - which was pretty generic -- "tax resolution" attracted an audience that overlapped with other companies.

Anonymous said...

consumertaxreports i believe is owned and managed by the tax defense network. They were sued by another tax company in florida called jg taxgroup because they had their name on the website. The site advertises in google too so the ratings are flawed in some way but also with research u can come to this conclusion. also dont believe bbb ratings are not flawed as each office operates independently.

Anonymous said...

Re: #62, "Rapid Resolution Tax Group"- seriously, Jay? They "aspire to good service"? That may be true, but I am highly suspicious of any organization that does not list their professionals- w/full names, bios, qualifications & licensure- prominently on their website. Wasn't it you yourself, elsewhere in this article- who said as much? How can you then endorse this group, who has NO such listing on their website. Even their domain name is registered anonymously. Anyone considering doing business with this "group"- I suggest you ask your fast-talking consultant to provide you with FULL NAMES and qualification of the "Attorneys" who will be working on your case & listen to just what happens. You'll be surprised at how quickly your consultant (aka "salesperson") becomes irate, defensive and hostile. Call me crazy, but I'm not doing business with anyone who hides behind a website and an 800 number.

Anonymous said...

On SC Tax Resolution all they did was take our money and get us in more trouble with the IRS paid for my 2013 taxes and never received them neither did the IRS. Then they said my power of attorney ran out and wanted another 7500.00 out of not knowing any better sent them 500 more to start paying the 7500.00 then said what the hell am I doing and dropped them still can't even collect the 500.00. That all I want back.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but this one is a scam, complete scam. No company name and address, and makes it look like they are the IRS.

Sending notices claiming people owe $20K when they actually got a refund that year!

PTR 888-667-5620 IS A SCAM.

I reported them to every agency I could think of.

Mzbread1981 said...

I wanted to know if Madison tax group based in New York, is a good company or a scam?

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Talk said...

Hi - thanks for the heads up on Madison Tax Group. Their BBB record says they started in March 2013. There are no licensed tax professionals listed on the website. In my opinion - those are two marks against the company. There are many more proven tax resolution experts - with years of experience and who list their tax professionals on their website - like us! (

Anonymous said...

How come Tax Defense Network is not on this list? They opened in 2008 and should be on this list. I keep seeing that you highly recommend Tax Defense but after looking at there BBB rating it looks worse then most of these other companies. 21 complaints in the last year alone seems a little fishy. This is a very nice blog with a lot of information but it looks as if you are stating opinions with no truth behind them. It appears that this is another desperate attempt at deceptive marketing to hide the truth. I think it is pretty convenient that Tax Defense is only praised in this blog and has no other comments. I guess we know who is behind this Blog. The owners of Tax Defense just cashed out millions of dollars so I guess they don't really care what happens now.

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Talk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Talk said...

Thanks for your critique of TDN. Well first, they by no means have any ownership of this blog. Second, they are a high volume operation - yet still rate an A + at the BBB. Yes - they are within the time period of new companies listed here. Yet by virtue of volume and reputation - we felt they were worthy of being on the recommended list. A critique of TDN that is worthwhile is the higher FEES they charge -- check for yourself. But ultimately we stand by our recommendation of them- they run a clean operation.

Anonymous said...

TDN had over 40 complaints when I checked them. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

The Tax Experts Group in Orange County is a SCAM. The CPA listed on their website does not even work for this group. Jack Gendreau is using his name and license # without his permission. I'm pretty sure he'll be investigated for this false advertising.

Anonymous said...

The Tax Experts Group is also known as Orange County Tax Relief run by Jack Gendreau. Don't praise them for listing licensed professionals unless you call those professionals yourself and verify that they actually work for the company. All scammers lie!

Anonymous said...

Warning: Tax Law Advocates is a Scam company. They bilk clients for fees upfront, then fail to deliver services promised. When clients ask what's going on when they get contacted by tax departments, they lie and claim to be handling it until its too late and their client has been sent to collections. So not only do the victims owe unpaid taxes, penalties and interest, they're out $7500-$10,000 for "services" that consist of Tax Law Advocates making whatever promises it needs to in order to get paid.

Anonymous said...

ever hear of Kutler Tax Resolution and possibly have any feedback on them? thx, jt

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Talk said...

HI - according to our blog above Kutler has been in business since October 2013. The founder of the company appears to be a veteran of one of the multiple "tax resolution" companies in Colorado. By the length of time in business - less than three years - you might have better insurance hiring a tax professional with longer time in the "game." But that's just an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Jay: Enjoy reading your blog, but a some of your information is incorrect. For example, you speculate that Berkshire Capital of Boulder, Colorado is affiliated with Clear Creek which is totally untrue. Berkshire changed its name to Barclay & again changed its name to BC Tax.

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Talk said...

Hi - thanks for this info about Berkshire now BC tax - that clears thing up. Thanks also for appreciating the blog!

JB said...

Monster Tax Relief is Spectrum Tax (AKA) Ideal Tax.

Josh said...

I do contract work for over a dozen of these companies. Spectrum Tax is not Ideal Tax, I worked for both. Nor is Monster Tax Relief Spectrum Tax.

Anonymous said...

Can you guarantee an Offer in Compromise?

Example: The Tax Lawman, Paul Tarnavsky guarantees a IRS tax reduction

The Tax Lawman can guarantee the result of an Offer In Compromise through its OIC Guarantee Program

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Talk said...

Hi - I guess you have to ask "what is the guarantee?" The only guarantee which makes economic sense is to promise to do an "appeal" if the OIC fails or to work up some other form of resolution of the tax debt (currently not collectible, installment agreement, penalty abatement). Otherwise - to give a full refund of fees - after working an OIC and then also failing the appeal - just isn't fair to the licensed tax professional handling the matter. Work 11 months for no fee? Right?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any info on the Ecton Law Firm? I'm looking for affordable help in Charlotte/Matthews North Carolina area with a tax lien. Thanks for your help.

Jay Freeborne - Tax Resolution Talk said...

Hello North Carolinian - I have nothing to report on the Ecton Law firm, except to say that law firms tend to charge $$$. Check out our fees - they're pretty reasonable? Call us at 1-888-282-4697.