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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tax Resolution Saturation Continues: 67 Companies started bet. 2009 and 2012

Today, I just updated my new tax resolution company list:  New Tax Resolution Company List

What was shocking to me as I redid this list was the amount of new companies that have entered the national tax resolution market:  I counted a total of 67 companies that entered the tax resolution in just four years!  This really and truly is astounding.

The big question is:  who will last?  And I would wager not many of them.  Running an effective tax resolution and tax representation business requires great marketing but just as importantly great customer service.  Take away one of these two important things and you have a company that you will find on the Dead Tax Resolution Company List  One thing is for sure: I will be monitoring these companies if they disappear. I'll be sure to move them to the dead list.  Nonetheless, good luck to all! :) 

(I have written about market saturation , previously Market Saturation for Tax Resolution Companies?  At that time as you can see: the list of tax resolution companies was is now 166 -- there were some companies that I hadn't found -- that are now on the list! )

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