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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Haven't Filed Tax Returns in Three Years? Seven Years? Forever?

You might identify with a few of the non-filer cases we see at Washington Tax Services:

Five years have passed and you haven't filed tax returns. You wonder: "will the IRS ever find me?" In the middle of many a night, it crosses your mind. The next week you open a letter from the IRS with palms sweating. 

Or you might be the guy who hasn't filed in 30 years: you are strictly a cash-based sub-contractor and not filing forever has you scared. Retirement looms and you have never contributed to Social Security. What do you do?

You might find answers to this question in our index of articles below: 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Owe the IRS? When Should Your Really be Scared of IRS and When NOT?

Fear of the unknown is a big motivator for someone who owes the IRS or State back taxes. Folks in our trusted position, i.e., licensed tax professionals, will almost always be honest about whether a fear of your tax problem is valid or not. However there are always going to be people - usually "tax relief" sales people or consultants who will overblow fears to take advantage of tax problem clients. Today we are creating a Fear Meter to assist you at determining how serious your tax problem is and how urgently you should handle it.


Code 5 -  Jail - or Possible Jail Time and/or Judgement
If you got a Letter or Business Card Drop-Off from an IRS "Special Agent" (not a "Revenue Officer"), this means that you are possibly under investigation for Tax Evasion or Perhaps "Willful Failure to File." You might be subject to a grand jury investigation, jail time and a judgement for unpaid taxes (that really has no expiration date).

Code 4 -  Levy/Seizure in Place. Bank Accounts Hit, Wages Hit, and/or House Seizure
If you received a Notice of Levy on wages, you should expect a sizable bite out of your next paycheck unless you act quickly (with help of a tax professional like Bank accounts can be frozen - albeit with a 21 day hold which gives you and your tax professional the opportunity to un-freeze the levy. A seizure of property posted on your home or piece of real estate is serious business. They will almost definitely take your property (auction) if you don't act quickly.

Code 3 - Serious Threat of Levy/Seizure. Time is Running out.
If you received a Final Notice of Intent to Levy, the clock is ticking fast. You will probably be levied in 45 days (at least) if you don't do something.

Code 2 - IRS Collection Process is Starting - Time to get in Gear.
The CP504 letter or LT 11, LT16 letters look super scary, but in reality they put you about 90 days away from levy. Time to hire a professional like or be prepared to call them yourself.

Code 1 - Haven't filed Tax Returns in a Long time. What do I do?
Scary situation yes, but you have time to digest your options for re-entering the system. Read our "Haven't Filed in a Long Time" blog post or our Self-Employed and Unfiled? site.

Washington Tax Services has been assisting Tax Problem Clients for almost 30 years. Here are some recent reviews about us from some Real Live clients: WATAX reviews.  If you want a free analysis of your tax issue, call us at 1-888-282-4697 or EMAIL us your tax problem HERE and we'll call you. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Shopping for The Right Price/Value: Washington Tax Services vs. Optima Tax Relief

As any reader of the Tax Problem Resolution Blog knows -- we keep a close eye on the competition in the world of tax resolution and representation services. Unequivocally - the biggest player - as far as the spending of the marketing dollar is Optima Tax Relief in Los Angeles. Optima began in early 2012 - but in very little time has become one of - if not the LARGEST tax resolution firm in the country. They also market themselves as Tax Relief Partners and Tax Debt Helper for two. But we can hear Optima everywhere - the radio - and have even seen some of their stuff on TV.

To Optima's credit -- their BBB record is still solid and considering their volume of clients that's impressive:  Optima Tax Relief - BBB record. Nonetheless -Optima does charge a PREMIUM for the services. In our experience, our firm - - charges much less and for - in our opinion - a quality customer service experience to boot. Optima certainly can counter-argue - that "you get what you pay for" -- they have Attorneys, CPA's and Enrolled Agents -- we have only Accountants/Enrolled Agents. And we don't begrudge them that opinion. But simply - our fees are so much lower - that you want might to reconsider who you entrust to solve your tax problem:

If you have spoken to Optima and been quoted a fee:  here's a link to a general outline of WATAX's fee structure (you might be impressed):

Fees for Tax Representation: WATAX

Looking for an honest analysis of your tax problem? A reasonable fee $$$? Call us at 1-888-282-4697 or email us a description of your tax problem HERE. The Staff of WATAX - celebrating our 27th year of business.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Who are these Tax Relief Companies? Mailing you Letters? Advertising on Radio? Calling you due to a Tax Lien?

Like anyone who owes the IRS back taxes, your listening to the media has changed. You engage more attentively to the Radio and TV ads for tax relief companies. You give a second glance to the junkmail pile of tax lien letters that look suspiciously similar to IRS letters. You wonder if the tax lien callers on your cellphone or landline are legit. You get freaked out by IRS scam calls..."could they be true?" you wonder.

But who are these Tax Relief Companies and why are they so prevalent?

Tax relief companies essentially "sell" the representation know-how of an Enrolled Agent, Attorney or CPA to handle your tax problem. Many of these licensed tax professionals are in the "back-office" of a tax-relief company. Some tax professionals are more prominently positioned in the advertising.

Tax relief means reducing what you owe the IRS or a State agency. And many tax problem customers might benefit from an Offer in Compromise, Penalty abatement or another more nuanced handling of their tax problem case. Tax relief companies when run excellently can be provide this relief/reduction of your back taxes as well as the responsibility of all of the contact to the IRS or State for you.

Should I trust these Tax Relief companies?

A general rule of thumb for judging the legitimacy of the tax relief companies is the length of time they have been in a business. Ten years or longerA or A plus rated, and "accredited" as indicated at the Better Business Bureau are three really good measures of a solid company.

Are Tax Relief Companies Expensive?

Yes! Even the legitimate ones. However, our company charges up to 90% less than many of these companies and is considered one of the most reasonably priced on the market. You can read more about fees: HERE

Washington Tax Services has been serving clients all around the U.S. and Overseas for 27 years now. We are A+ rated and accredited at the BBB. Call us at 1-888-282-4697 for a free analysis of your tax problem situation or EMAIL us HERE and we'll contact you. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Eight Years of Blogging on Tax Problem Resolution: Institutional Knowledge is Here!

The Tax Problem Resolution Blog has been the centerpiece of for over eight years now. We write about our competition in the tax representation marketplace in the fairest way that we can:  A Survey of 150 Tax Relief Companies. We try to educate you - the consumer - on solving your own tax problem should you choose to do so: Index of Tax Resolution Articles. But -ultimately- we want you to be aware of Washington Tax Services -

a company with 27 years of operation that is devoted to 

Fantastic efficient customer service, 

Excellent and superb institutional knowledge for the best tax problem analysis,

and the lowest prices in the tax resolution industry.

IF we truly were what we described - you would stop shopping for tax relief help. Right? You would call 1-888-282-4697 for a free tax problem analysis or send us an email of your issue HERE.   We're ready to help you solve your tax problem - this July 2016.  Staff of

Friday, July 8, 2016

Using Our Library to Solve Your IRS Tax Problem

Frequent visitors to THIS BLOG access our indexes/library to learn more about IRS tax relief and solving their own tax problem.

If you haven't filed a tax return in awhile - you should access our Non-Filer index.

If you want to learn about settling your debt with the IRS, you should access our Offer-In-Compromise Index.

Getting audited? Check out our primers at the IRS audit index.

Getting levied or garnished by the IRS? Read how the experts handle it at the IRS Collection's index.

Want to talk to expert? Call us at 1-888-282-4697 or EMAIL us a description of your tax issue HERE and we'll contact you! Staff of Washington Tax Services - 27 years of continuous operation! 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why Do you Get a Tax Lien? How Do You Get It Removed?

When do You Get a IRS Tax Lien? 

1. If you owe more than $10,000 but usually more than $60,000 there is a very good chance for you to have a tax lien filed against your credit report and/or real estate. Your odds of getting liened increase dramatically if you ignore the IRS and are not pro-active at resolving your case.

2. If you submit an Offer in Compromise to the IRS, the first thing they do is place a lien against you (if there isn't one already). The lien is later removed when your Offer is paid.

3. If your case was placed into Currently Not Collectible - a hardship status where you are not required to pay - you also will have a tax lien filed against you - even though there is no requirement to pay.

How do you get your Tax Lien removed?  

Here are a few ways:

1. The tax liens expire -- If you can run out the clock, taxes generally will expire 10 years after they are assessed. There are a number of ways -- that the clock can extend past 10 years -- a. you file bankruptcy during the 10 years b. you file an Offer in Compromise (and it is rejected). c. the IRS has you sign a waiver extending the statute of limitations (not very common anymore).

2. An Offer in Compromise is reached and the debt is settled.  (Everything you might want to know about Offers or settlements can be found here Offer - Rule Changes - 2015.)

It's worth noting that a tax lien is usually filed --  a. when the Offer in Compromise process begins - and removed later b. you are placed into currently-not-collectible.

3. The tax debt is brought below $25,000.00. If you can pay your debt down under $25,000 - the IRS will remove the lien if you get in a payment plan on the rest.

4. The tax debt is paid in full.  Why of course :)

5. You get the debt below $50,000 and enter an installment agreement.  This streamline agreement is for people who have NOT had a tax lien filed against them YET...(If you already have a lien against you -- you won't have it removed).

Tax lien on your record?  Want an honest opinion on your options to getting it removed? Call us at 1-888-282-4697 or EMAIL us HERE and we'll contact you. The Staff of Washington Tax Services